The Internet a Decade Later

by Brian posted August 22, 2012 category Internet

Here is an infographic by Best Education Sites that shows how much the internet has changed over the last 10 years with sections on the growth of the internet, internet usage, the number of websites and more.

The Internet a Decade Later infographic

Originally published by Best Education Sites – via Mashable

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  1. Wow this infographic was incredible! It’s so interesting to see how the web has changed so much over the years. Nice touch with the animations, many infographics don’t have them. Most interesting would be social networking and online shopping, they’ve really altered the web and have made a huge impact.

  2. clever use of graphics capturing evolution of a global phenomenon

  3. I remember the sounds of the early internet…..the modem dial up and handshake 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on replicator blog and commented:
    Y el tiempo pasa…

  6. Some of the “info” is bull shit on this image. How does one say it takes “18 seconds to download a song”? How does it take “6 seconds to load a webpage?”

    Never trust these fucking infographs made by random bloggers not experts on the subject. Just because you cite some links on the internet doesn’t make it perfect.

    • Whatever man, I think most of it is correct and by experience you can tell that it currently takes really short to download a song. Nobody is saying it is perfect, its just a nice visualization! You’re quite a rebel with that anonymouse name aren’t you?

    • The name’s not anonymous, it’s an acronym :
      Just Another Fucking High School Girl Unanimously Killing Away Friends During Garbage

  7. @jafhsgukafdg

    The world average internet speed is currently around 2.5 Mbps. So yes, 6 seconds is more than plausible for many web pages. I guess you’d be happy if they used your internet connection for their benchmarks right?

  8. Take off this “meme” part, you obviously don’t know what you are writing about in that.

  9. I would of thought Anna Kournikova would of been TOP search term from 99-2002?

    It took me days to learn how to spell it correctly..

    • Would HAVE. “Would of” makes absolutely no sense.

      • Get over yourself.

      • If no one corrects you; you cannot learn.
        A comment about spelling with a minor grammar mistake? Probably not worth correcting. Most of the time you have to let it slide.

        Some people are of the opinion that spelling or grammar is irrelevant on the internet – generally people who need to improve. Yes we all make mistakes, thats OK. But what happens if I search for “Kournikova” & no one has bothered to spell it correctly? You have to make some effort, right??

    • You should take a few more days to repeat “would have, should have, could have” on an endless loop.

  10. If a song took 12.5 minutes to load on a 56.6K modem in 2002, it’s more than likely it would take 12.5 minutes to load on a 56.6K modem in 2012.

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  12. Wooo! Nice graphic, i just put it on so our users can also see it !

  13. Interesting, even if it’s not 100% perfect. I hadn’t thought about many of these things in quite some time. I think I like the old Yahoo! better.

  14. Ironically, looking at the “websites” section I prefer the older versions of Yahoo and CNN to the garish, ad-laden 2012 versions…

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  16. 56k in 2002? Really? I haven’t had a 56k since 1996.

    • Several ‘facts’ here debatable, IE 40%? No, its under 30% these days, but it depends on your demographic & its very dependant on your country, job, etc – just take it as a rough guide.

      I had 56K in 1996, by 2000 the UK was on 2Mbps for most people (including students). 2004: I remember getting 4Mbps. Now I have 100Mbps in Japan, but that is not usual for either UK or USA even these days.

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  18. Nice infographic!…very cool

  19. It’s fucking awesome to think I was online in 1992. Everyone’s a noob to me, 2002 was yesterday. Although the 00’s really opened the net up to hapless noobs who didn’t know a dozen odd variations of Rockwell chip-set INIT strings off hand for their 1200 baud modulator-demodulator of screaming power, as well as their IRQ and DMA mapping intrinsically and intimately.

    Shame, in a way, the internet could have been used as a more spectacular tool had it not been cluttered with the junk of the plebeian user here to socialize and generally be ignorant dickwads online rather than in public where we can smack them in the chops.

    Kidding, we love you noobs. You bring the lullz.

    That said, TV, movies, music, unrealistically priced IRL shops, and governments are next to become extinct if they do not adapt IMHO. Especially governments. We’re far more aware, connected, and conscious of how far up our collective arseholes they are trying to ram their dicks, and with this untethered communication medium can fight for our freedoms.

    Well, if we weren’t too lazy and busy watching porn and cats doing stupid things. >_>

  20. Cool, shared

  21. You forgot the Kodak miss on Ofoto and Shutterfly + HP dominance.

  22. the site doesn’t show any graphics ;( Just an inviewable image. Or is it flash? That would be soooo 2001

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  24. wow internet is simply AMAZING. thought 2002 was just yesterday but it’s 10yrs now.

  25. Wow nice article.

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  28. Fascinating and it makes 10 years look a lifetime, when we know it’s but a blink of an eye.

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  30. Fantastic info graphic. Will be very interesting to see what happens in the next 10…

  31. Thanks for the interesting post. At least this one doesn’t look like someone from India wrote it!

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